Integrating Flexibility Into Health Care Construction

Building medical facilities requires a different approach than is used for other types of commercial construction. The pace of technological advancement and the changing needs of an aging population require buildings that can flex and grow at the same pace as the medical industry.

This can pose a challenge to architects and construction companies. It is vitally important that medical construction projects are handled by companies that understand these unique challenges and are ready and able to respond accordingly.

Flexible Use Facilities

One of the key trends in medical construction is creating buildings that can accommodate a wide range of potential uses. In today’s market, it is no longer advisable to construct a medical office building that is distanced from the locations where care is provided. Nor is it a good idea to build out a space that cannot be expanded upon in a manner that is both stylistically appealing and innately functional.

Medical buildings need to be designed and constructed in a way that is mindful of current and projected use. Consider, for just one example, the type of imaging equipment that is currently being integrated into many medical practices.

The pace of technological advacement and the changing needs of an aging population require buildings that can flex and grow at the same pace as the medical industry.

These pieces of equipment are large and come with specific demands in regard to power supply, temperature control and space considerations. The professionals who will operate these imaging devices and interpret the results also have a specific set of needs, and their spaces should be situated near the equipment itself.

Finally, it is important to understand that the cutting-edge imaging technology of today will soon be replaced by the next wave of technology, which may have a different set of needs. This means that the areas where this equipment will be used must be tailored to current technology yet flexible enough to accommodate tomorrow’s advancements.

Working With What You Have

In many cases, medical construction projects focus on overhauling an existing building to create a space that is more in line with today’s medical practices. Compared to building from the ground up, this can be even more of a challenge as there will be pre-existing restrictions that must be integrated into the new concept.

Changing needs in the areas of power supply and structural demands require a careful and experienced approach. No company wants to go through a major renovation project only to discover within a few years that the space needs to be reconfigured yet again.

In regard to renovating an existing space, choosing a general contractor that is well-versed in medical construction can make a world of difference in the outcome of the project.

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