Stop Worrying About Construction Cost Control

Our Sage 100 Contractor software empowers our people to control costs of all aspects of project management, from the planning stages to the end of the building phase. But just as important as having the right tools is possessing a good grasp of cost control fundamentals. Let’s take a look at some of these principles.


Accurate information is the foundation for effective cost control. Without reliable data, commercial construction managers will overlook legitimate areas of concern until problems spiral out of control.


A general contractor needs to find out about issues as soon as possible once they arise. This requires having an open communication chain at all employee levels. It also requires training workers to report problems as soon as they notice them.

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Change is constant in the modern world. Protocols for dealing with cost overruns that are effective today can be all but useless tomorrow. Because of this, any cost control system must be able to adjust to a rapidly changing environment.

How Does Sage 100 Contractor Software Work?

Our Sage 100 Contractor software is designed with these features in mind. It enables overseers to detect and remove unnecessary and wasteful expenditures from your project. This will both protect your bottom line and safeguard your clients from needless delays and cost overruns.

The Sage 100 Contractor software features:

  • A comprehensive dashboard that gives users instant updates into the project’s status.
  • Detailed profiles of areas of concern, allowing project heads to spot the exact sources of problems and eliminate them as soon as possible.
  • Customized reports, such as custom summaries and bulletins for both office and field workers, that give personnel the tools they need to perform at their highest level.
  • Document and order creation, which lets Sage 100 Contractor generate work schedules, contracts, invoices and other important documents with ease.

Protocols for dealing with cost overruns that are effective today can be all but useless tomorrow.

What Does this Mean for You?

Sage 100 Contractor software is at the heart of everything we do. This powerful tool enables us to manage our client’s projects with a superior efficiency. The payoffs for you include:

  • Access to a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience. Each member of our team is hand-picked for his or her expertise in a particular area. Together our people make up a truly superior team of professionals well-versed in all aspects of building construction management.
  • Peace of mind. With us managing the details of your building project, you can relax and focus on other aspects of your job.
  • A better final result. Our laser-like focus on construction management means that your project will be completed to your complete satisfaction.

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