Technology Has Changed Commercial Construction for the Better

Not that long ago, in the early 2000s, commercial construction projects were far less efficient and far more difficult to manage than they are today. Technology has caused a sea of change in the way that commercial construction operates, having an impact on virtually every aspect of the field. Technological advancements continue to improve at an astonishing pace, and the companies who are able and willing to stay at the forefront of these improvements have a distinct advantage over the competition.

At Modern Construction Corporation, we don’t just welcome technology, we pursue it. The benefits to our clients, subcontractors, suppliers and support staff are beyond measure, and we implement tech tools at every level within our company. The following examples are just some of the ways that technology has changed the playing field within commercial construction.

Online File Sharing

Not long ago, construction companies had to go through a tedious and expensive process to share drawings with trade partners. Multiple copies had to be made, and those physical copies then had to be distributed to everyone involved in a project, including the general contractor, subcontractors, suppliers and office staff. This slowed down the entire project, from the bid process to project management, to changes in orders. Today, however, architectural drawings are almost always scanned and converted into digital files. These files can then be shared with all relevant parties in mere minutes. Having the fundamental construction plans in such an easily accessible format has changed the way that commercial construction is done.

Today, Digital Files of Architectural Drawings Can Be Shared in Minutes

Daily Reporting Tools

Once a commercial construction company has won the bidding process and started a job, technology continues to offer a wealth of tools, this time in the realm of project management. Management can communicate with project managers during every stage of a project by means of smartphone technology. Photos taken of the work’s progress can be instantly uploaded and shared with office staff, who can use that information to keep the project on schedule. When an issue arises, project managers can make immediate contact with the proper support staff and can search for a solution within a very short period of time. This makes every project run far more efficiently and at a lower cost than in years past.


One of the most powerful ways that technology has improved commercial construction is by providing a means of oversight and recordkeeping. Gone are the days when deals were made over a scotch and a handshake. Today, every stage of the process leaves a paper trail, and tech tools provide a means of archiving those documents. From the initial bid information to the resulting contract, from material orders to requests for changes, the ability to collect and store all of this information in one place makes a world of difference if a dispute or communication lapse occurs.

As technology continues to advance, Modern Construction Corporation will continue to pursue the latest innovations. Because of these efforts, we have a distinct edge over our competitors, and it allows us to offer our clients the service and results that they have come to expect from our company.

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