Top Restaurant Design Trends for 2016

Staying current on the upcoming restaurant design trends can help your business reach new levels of success. Knowing which trends are likely to provide you with the biggest return on your investment will help you focus your restaurant renovation strategy so you can work more cohesively with your general contractor. Below are some of the hottest restaurant design trends that you can expect for 2016.

The Younger Generation Cares About Convenience

While millennials search out restaurants that provide them with food that is prepared with premium ingredients, that are also preferably organic and healthy, those people who will be aging into the young adult category in 2016 want their food to be convenient. In addition, these upcoming young adults — who typically have lots of disposable income — also want their food to taste good and be affordable.

Cozy Up to Technology

It seems like every other restaurant is going for technology when it comes to offering ordering options for their customers. You should make sure that your restaurant jumps on this trend as well. By offering a range of different methods for ordering their food, top restaurants have the repeat customers they need so much to sustain their growth. Next up for technological advances in 2016? Digital assistants that allow customers to use voice technology to place their orders.

Get Involved

Loyalty starts at home, and customers are more likely to support a restaurant if that restaurant is a good citizen. Becoming immersed in the community where you are located helps build valuable ties and connections that go a long way toward ensuring that people will come to your restaurant and eat. In 2016, you will not only continue to see restaurants that give back to their communities, but you will also see more creative ways of doing so.

Many Restaurants are Incorporating New Technologies into their Ordering Process

Concepts Will Soar

The best restaurants evoke a mood, spark conversation and produce a warm atmosphere for everyone who enters. Working closely with a project management team that has experience with restaurant renovation can help you pinpoint the concept that will work best for your restaurant, goals, location and more. A project manager can also help fine-tune the commercial construction projects that are necessary to ensure that the concept is welcoming, authentic and vibrant. Doing so will help create the type of restaurant that you want to present to your customers in 2016 and well into the future.

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