Who Are We?

Modern Construction Corporation

Company Philosophy

Modern Construction Corporation is large enough to meet project needs and maintain the feel of a small family-owned, service-oriented organization. We believe the principals and partners maintaining involvement in current and future projects can accomplish this.

Modern Construction Corporation provides quality general contracting for all types of clients. We offer services including preconstruction/estimating, general contracting, and design/build. Each TEAM member has been selected because of his or her fit within our Corporation. Our vast knowledge of the construction industry, enthusiasm, willingness and wanting to do the best job possible and commitment to greatness insures our TEAM is the BEST.

Mission Statement

In order to achieve our Vision, Modern Construction Corporation commits to the following:

Modern Construction Corporation’s Mission is to provide exceptional service to every project we are involved with and produce the highest level of quality products that is possible in the construction industry. We believe our first responsibility is to our employees to provide a safe and professional environment in which to perform the task and day-to-day operations at the highest level possible. Our strong financial position will enable us to retain and promote future company leaders from within our corporation and remain on the cutting edge of technology. In carrying out our day-to-day Business we strive to:

First, we follow the philosophy and belief our clients are our driving force, and client satisfaction is the backbone of our corporation.

Second, treat our employees, subcontractors, and vendors as professionals with respect and dignity.

Third, truth, honesty and integrity are personal and professional standards all TEAM members must abide by. In our words, “DO THE RIGHT THING.”

Fourth, continue challenging our TEAM and provide continuing education in re-guards to means and methods and safety.